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Our Forest Ecosystems

Forest ecosystems provide outstanding recreational opportunities such as hiking, backpacking, bicycling, hunting, and fishing. Even if you never visit a forest, its integrity affects you. Intact forest ecosystems provide carbon sequestration and countless other ecosystem services that are vital to the survival and quality of human life as well as the fish and wildlife with whom we share this wondrous planet. Forests are critical to both our physical well-being and our spiritual renewal.

The Lands Council educates the public about forest ecology and how to become involved in decision-making about our public forest lands.

The Lands Council advocates for forest ecosystems by using science, collaboration, and citizen participation to work towards ecologically sustainable management of our Inland Northwest National Forests.

For more information about the following topics, just click on the links!

Forest Watch Program                                 Caribou Protection

Roadless Areas and Wilderness                  Old Growth Campaign

Collaboration                                                Restoration

Wildland Fire                                                Mt. Spokane

The Lands Council Forest Policy                 

Columbia Highlands Iniative

For more information contact Mike Petersen at (509) 209-2406, or at mpetersen (at) landscouncil.org

Collaboration: A Case Study

It may seem an unlikely partnership. But in a model gaining notice across the country, The Lands Council and other like-minded groups have joined with timber companies and rural communities to form the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition. Together, we are working to protect rural homes and businesses from wildfire, while restoring and protecting the Colville National Forest. In Montana we are helping form a similar coalition for the Kootenai National Forest.



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