Mission and Vision


We preserve and revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement.

We collaborate with a broad range of interested parties to seek smart and mutually respectful solutions to environment and health issues.

We’re enriched by the beauty of nature.

We’re energized by the recreational opportunities it affords. And we’re inspired to preserve its legacy for future generations.


​We envision a day when the forests of the Inland Northwest are protected for a diversity of wildlife species and provide our communities with a source of plentiful clean water. We envision a public that understands the importance of protecting forests and water from the top of the mountains to the tap. We envision a Spokane River that supports native fish and is safe for people to recreate and fish in. We envision a community that is resilient and prepared for climate change and are careful stewards of our sole source aquifer.

Our Goals

  • Permanently protect the Inland Northwest’s wildlands and roadless areas
  • End damaging timber sales and begin comprehensive restoration in the National Forests of the Inland Northwest
  • Restore and revitalize the watersheds in our region, from the forested headwaters, to the urban users.
  • Protect the southern Selkirk Mountain ecosystem in the U.S. and Canada
  • Begin restoring the Coeur d’Alene River ecosystem in Idaho and protect the bi-state aquifer
  • Protect fish and wildlife, particularly endangered species
  • Reduce the risk of Spokane and Kootenai County citizens, particularly ethnic and economically disadvantaged people, from the health hazards of lead, PCB’s and other toxics in our rivers and aquifer.
  • Increase the capacity of environmental educators in our region
  • Protect communities from wildfire
  • Create awareness and a response to climate change