Community Collaborations

Roast House has supported The Lands Council for decades – writing checks, donating goods for auctions, and pouring tons of coffee at their events (thank you!).

Like The Lands Council, Roast House was started on a shoestring and completely dependent on local grassroots efforts of friends & community to drive awareness and support of our sustainable coffee program.

In 2012, Roast House and TLC got together and created this coffee label for our very own coffee, Beaver Slap.



Roast House is dedicated to helping TLC and they are behind us 100% –  selling every 1 pound bag, not downsized, cute-sized or under-sized, to TLC at cost. All proceeds are donated to us to support our programs.

We think Roast House is wonderful and we love their dedication to our community. Here’s how you can support them: