Washington state continues to kill wolves and we need your help today to stop it.

In the past few weeks, state-sponsored marksmen killed a 5-month-old pup and its mother from the Old Profanity Territory pack, leaving behind only the father wolf and perhaps another pup. Now they plan to kill these last two surviving members of this wolf family. This pack has been decimated. Even worse, this is the fourth wolf pack the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has destroyed on public lands.

Washington has 1.1 million cattle and only around 120 wolves. Yet, in the past six years, the department has killed 21 wolves. Of those, 17 have been killed for the same livestock owner.

Over and over, cattle are placed on public lands grazing allotments and allowed to graze near wolf den and rendezvous sites. But when conflicts arise, instead of moving the cattle, the department shoots the wolves.

Please take two minutes right now to tell Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to stop this slaughter.

Call Gov. Jay Inslee now at (360) 902-4111.
Here’s a sample script you can use:
“Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], I live in [YOUR CITY], and am calling to urge the governor to call off the slaughter of Washington’s wolves.I’m deeply troubled that the state has killed 21 wolves in the past six years, including 17 killed and four entire packs destroyed on behalf of a single rancher. There are 1.1 million cattle in Washington, but only 120 wolves. The state should be working to protect and preserve our native wildlife rather than shooting wolves to please ranchers.

I’m counting on Governor Inslee to stop this senseless killing of wolves.”