Community Partnerships

We work with a diversity of stakeholders in our forest and water programs to find mutually agreeable solutions to challenging problems.

Here are a few we work with

Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition

Panhandle Forest Collaborative

North Fork Coeur d’Alene Watershed Advisory Group

Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force

WRIA regional watershed planning

Kootenai Forest Stakeholder Coalition – No website. The KFSC has drafted a set of management guidelines intended to help the US Forest Service understand the Stakeholder’s agreed-upon approach to vegetative management practices. These guidelines are the product of years of discussion and collaboration between the stakeholders. The KFSC hired a consultant to analyze the effects of implementing these guidelines on the Kootenai National Forest. The results showed that our guidelines would treat more acres less intensively and produce the same or more sawlog timber. The analysis also took into account constraints on vegetative management such as budget, timber, wildlife issues, and watershed issues. Our guidelines are nearly complete, and we look forward to sharing our final draft and its accompanying analysis with the public.