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Reforest Spokane Day

The Lands Council is partnering with Avista for our annual Reforest Spokane Day on Saturday, October 12th in downtown Spokane. This year, we are focusing on urban reforestation and revitalizing Spokane’s downtown corridor.

Registration for Reforest Spokane Day is closed.

We are so grateful to have over 300 volunteers that registered for this event. We will see you on Saturday!

Urban trees can help to mitigate some of the negative impacts and social consequences of urbanization, and thus make cities more resilient to these changes. Urban trees provide many benefits, such as:

  1. Increasing urban biodiversity,

  2. Mitigating climate change,

  3. Cooling downtown temperatures,

  4. Filtering urban pollutants,

  5. Regulating water flow,

  6. Reducing carbon emissions, and

  7. Increasing property values.

Please stay tuned for exciting event info and details!

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