Support the Oil Spill Prevention Act

Oil spills threaten Washington’s coast every day, putting coastal jobs, and our cultural heritage at risk.  Also at risk, our endangered Southern Resident Orca. Washington can pass oil spill prevention legislation this session modernizing safeguards and protecting our environment, economy, and endangered orcas from the devastation of an oil spill.

Call on the legislature to protect our state from the threat of a catastrophic oil spill in our waters!


I am urging you to support SB 5578/HB 1578 Oil Spill Prevention Act and to vote for strong oil spill prevention measures this session.

Our waters support the life and natural beauty of our state and bolster our economy. Every day, the risk of oil spills threaten Washington’s coastal fishing, tourism and recreation economies, based in a world-class marine ecosystem, and boosted by our endangered Southern Resident Orca.

Washington’s oil spill prevention program has not kept pace with increased risk arising from under-regulated barges and smaller tankers being used to transport oil.  The type of oil moving through the state has also changed. Heavy, sinking oils are being carried through our coastal waters by tug and tank barges, vessels which do not operate with the same safety regulations as oil tankers.

We need modernized safeguards that address all vessels carrying crude oil through Washington’s coastal waters to protect our communities and environment we depend on from a major oil spill.

All it takes is one catastrophic oil spill to cause  irreparable, irreversible damage to our environment.

I am in full support of HB 1578 and SB 5578.  I am asking to to support  strong and reasonable oil spill prevention measures.  The time is now.  Tomorrow may be too late.